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IGN’s Young Turks provide a barrel of insight, on the coming soon to a website near you, Apple iPhone 5, another leap in to the future, provided by our friends at Apple. Innovation continues to lead the way, at home grown Apple, Inc.

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FB X-Tab | Facebook Custom Page Creation

FB X-Tab provides a simple software Solution to Fan Page Creation


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The Local Expert Fastlane Review

I created my current business, largely using the information I found here in The Local Expert Fastlane, a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) available on the Warrior Forum. The course is 15 content packed video modules, along with Worpress site design instructions and paperwork for the aspiring Marketer. The course comes highly recommended, by our organization.

If you are interested in the full spectrum of IM Consulting, visit our membership site at

Tweet Adder Review


Ken provides a short video on the features and benefits of Tweet Adder. You can get a trial copy, to see if you like the software, I have found it to be a huge time saver.

A Review of FB X-Tab

The value of marketing tools

There is both doubt and debate as to the validity, efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing tools coming out on the market right now. You would hope that they would all attempt to devliver and perform as expected, but its obvious many of them simply do not. They are neither justified in expense nor performance for their users, quite frankly there is a lot of garbage being peddled out there at the moment. Daniel Tan offered his opinion on the issue.
“Any Facebook tool or system does not solve problems marketers face. The problem is not the tool, but rather how you use it! I can give you the best tools in the world, if you do not use them correctly, you will not be successful. We simply make it easier to create a presence on Facebook and implement Facebook functionality into Facebook Pages.”

The way the developers of FB X-Tab see it:

Daniel Tan even coined a new phrase with reference for the new group of developers who are taking on the challenge of developing products to help marketers with their challenges on Facebook. He calls them NFOs, or News Feed Optimizers. NFOs are the latest group to emerge in the social media marketing scene, and they are breaking new ground on the Facebook marketing scene. These “NFOs: need a reliable solutions provider to help them on this journey and they have been provided that solution, with the FB X-Tab product. Not only does the product provide unparalleled utility, but they have trained a responsive and active support team to assist their users with their daily challenges.

How will FB X-Tab stay current?

“FB X-Tab will be around for a long time and will be continually updated with so much material for years to come. As Facebook changes, we will ensure our members have the tools to be current and not have to worry with developers and/or the changes Facebook makes. We change with Facebook!”
“I also have information that I will give our members about Facebook such as Facebook SEO or “Edgerank” and mistakes that Facebook Marketers make and how to avoid them…I will also be teaching how to inspire interaction and manage Facebook Pages.”


”FB X-Tab is best distinguished by the ability for users to add our applications to an unlimited number of pages with an unlimited number of fans! Most other application providers limit by number of Facebook pages or number of fans.”

At EliKen Marketing, we are thanking Daniel for his efforts! Make sure you get a look at FB X-Tab, and make the most of your Facebook Marketing Efforts!!

iSocial Academy Reviewed

Free Social Media Marketing Blueprint

An Objective Review of iSocial Academy


I got a sneak Peak


I was offered the opportunity, to review the Austin Walsh membership site, iSocial Academy, in order to provide an insider’s look to those who are considering undertaking the course to improve their social media strategies. now your first question, is proabably,


Is Social Marketing Necessary in My Market?


If you are wondering whether you should have a social media marketing effort underway, in 2011, I am wondering if you have been paying attention, as Facebook and twitter have exploded and become the top pages online, along with the other stalwart Web 2.0 authority sites that preceded them, and maintain relevance to the tune of millions of monthly visitors. If you want the google love, you have to play on the  social media platforms, period. Don’t look for the love, unless you play by the rules.


What does iSocial Academy Deliver?


Austin Walsh’s nicely collaborated and executed membership site, provides social marketing lessons, from Facebook to Squidoo, with every important topic that a social marketing expert needs to master, in order to become a social media professional.


The Layout of the Course


In Six content packed modules, which are designed to be consumed in six months, on a part time basis, the attentive marketing professional, can become an expert in every Social Media venue that is currently relevant in the Internet Marketing World, whether your target market is local or global in nature.


In addition to addressing the number one Social Marketing and networking site in the known universe, facebook, in the first module Austin provides an introduction to Twitter and YouTube, the heavy weight challengers for the site of the century internet search total championships.


An in depth analysis


In addition to diving deeply into the processes of achieving success on each of the social platforms mentioned above, Austin and his very professional accomplices explain social automation, and the full scope of web 2.0 services, including Hubpages, Squidoo, podcasts, Blog Radio and streaming video, an all around social marketing domination strategy, is revealed through the modules of the course. The content in this course is huge, I can’t go over everything they have included.


What can the knowledge I gain in iSocial do for my campaigns?


  • Technical Savvy
  • Social Marketing knowledge
  • A better understanding of how search engines work



The course when followed to the letter will provide the user with the expertise necessary to successfully manage their and anyone else’s social media marketing campaigns with complete competence and results driven success. All the user has to do, is implement the strategies following Austin and company’s instructions, and they will succeed. It will occur as quickly as you catch on to the techniques, and implement them in your strategy.


How can I find the time to do this work?


If your primary focus of business is not Internet Marketing, you would do well to outsource the work required to maintain a social marketing presence to a well qualified Social Media marketing company.


Full Disclosure



I typically like to expose the faults in any program that I review, along with the positive characteristics that I find there. I am sorry to report, that in this instance, there is not one item, that I can point to that is either poorly produced, dated, or in any way faulty.


My unabashed Plug includes social media marketing in the services that are included with our local marketing business, which is located at , if you would like assistance in your social marketing campaigns, you can contact us at

Do It Yourself

Or, if on the other hand you would like to manage the process yourself, just strap yourself to the desk an additional 4 hours a week, and get ‘er done!!! The capability to effectively create social marketing campaigns can be developed Start by examining the free social blueprint using the iSocial Academy course.




Local Mobile Monopoly YepText Genius

Discovering Local Mobile Marketing


Adam Horwitz may have been a household name in the IM niche for years, but he is a relatively new phenomena in my experience. I decided to model a Local Internet Marketing business model that I found on the warrior forum, and Local Mobile marketing was a concept I knew that I needed in Service categories I covered.


The Instant response Factor


The beauty of mobile text marketing lies in the 95%+ open rate that marketers experience with SMS messaging. When people get a text message, they almost always read them.


So how does that Help my business?


The advantage of mobile text messaging for a business is of course partially dependent on the business, but to make the story short, if you have a need to drive business for a certain commodity, and you make an offer to your list, they will likely see the message, and if the offer is enticing enough, they will take you up on it. Immediately.


See an Immediate response to an Electronic code.


Restaurants can run specials or discounts, bars can give drink coupons, the gym can offer a massage discount, or a discount for the day, Hair salons can offer color discounts and the dentist can remind you of your appointment. Anyone who uses social media in their market, or should be using social media is in your market as a marketer.


You can run the program as an Affiliate or an Agent


Local Mobile marketing is amenable to either an agency or affiliate business plan, and for the astute marketer, both models easily compliment one another in a marketing campaign.


The beauty, and the beast…


What I like about the product is the business concept and strategy for addressing the local mobile text messaging market. What I dislike about the product is the fact that I didn’t think of it and launch it. It is expressly designed to provide a low cost obstacle method of job creation with the risk on the affiliate, and huge rewards certainly in store for the owners of YepText. Great idea guys, Kudos.


My suggestion?


If you are a local retailer who wants to increase your business, you need a text messaging strategy, period. If you don’t have the inhouse capability, a Mobile Helper, as Adam has dubbed his legion of affiliates, is a perfect solution, for less than the cost of an inhouse employee for a week, you can have the monthly services of someone who is capable of running your campaigns effectively for you. Either Hire a freelance expert, who should be looking for you, or get Local Mobile Monopoly.

Pop Up Dominator 2.0

Have you ever heard the phrase “the money is in the list” in the internet marketing world? I searched high and low for a simple solution to my list building concerns, and it led me to Popup Dominator 2.0, a simple script to enable your list building strategy.

Job Crusher 2.0

Job Crusher 2.0 Reviewed.

One thing you may have noticed about my blog. I have stopped trying to buy and review every product that comes down the clickbank highway. I am only interested in content that contains inherent value. Job Crusher 2.0, really delivers the goods, where actual value and obtaining a reasonable ROI are concerned. Some of the nets biggest IM marketers are involved, including Mike Filsaim, and Bill Mcrea, two whose efforts I enjoy for various reasons.

How the product is Structured

I found many nuggets of brilliance in the course, I bought the base package and poured myself into it over the last three days. Bottom line is that the creators have designed a page to instruct and simultaneously sell additional product, and while some may be irritated by that fact I find it to be pure genius.

Brilliantly conceived

You can elevate your status in any facet of Internet Marketing from copy writing to content creation to traffic generation, and everything in between. Or you can learn what you need to learn and head on down the road. Its all here, from soup to nuts.

You may be asking, “Will it work?”

I have already put one module of the course into a monetized in action mode, the local internet marketing module provides insight on how you can make money this week in internet marketing.

And I have only scratched the Surface!

If you have a desire to develop an online business with just the tools you have available on your computer at home, You have found a simple, cost effective solution. $1, one tiny little USD gets you 10 days with Job Crusher 2.0, you will have the time to decide whether the product suits you, backed with a 60 day money back guarantee. Why not try out Job Crusher Today! All you have to lose is financial dependance on others!!

Traffic Intelligence Review

Dashed Dreams

As the dream of the existence of a road to instant riches continues to be exploited by the “guru” wallet snatchers on the Clickbank feces filled IM niche, two relative newcomers to the IM scene have developed a case study project with actual value to the uninitiated and struggling alike, with an honest insider look at how to actually develop and grow a successful online business.

Repetition and Garbage

With few exceptions,  the digital products that have been introduced lately for sale on Clickbank have served no purpose other than to lighten the wallets of unsuspecting potential IM entrepreneurs providing little, and in most cases zero value to the hopeful newbies.

Hope on the Horizon

As a fairly new marketer in the online world, I have followed the advice of the “guru” crowd for the last 2 years, fortunately, I found a couple who have provided me with reasonable advice. I am pleased to say that amongst the gaggle of insanely worthless products that have come down the path this year (exception Matt Bacak and Alan Sultanic, MMM) there has emerged one shining light in the darkness, from a relatively obscure pair of marketers from down under known simply as Gavin and Jake. The pair have released in WSO form a case study in the form of Video and PDF transcription a method to cost effectively develop your online presence, through the introduction of simple products that you develop and market in a WSO form, or on a relatively new network, called DigiResults.

Gavin and Jake offer no magic results formula, just a simple process by which you can build your niche lists using the talents of like minded entreprenuers in a JV capacity, not attempting to infiltrate the ranks of the well known clickbank “super affiliates” but instead enlisting the assistance of like minded partners, whose only true interest is in building their business through the provision of actual value, leaving the scammers to continue to peddle their “pushbutton” madness to the unsuspecting horde.

Three modules and an interview with Andy Fletcher, the founder of DigiResults comprise the content of Traffic Intelligence, and the interview with Fletcher alone is worth the price of admission. In addition to the step by step case study, Gavin and Jake provide a quick and concise guide to copywriting and effective email copy, as well as a technical blueprint consisting of the tech requirements for building a profitable online business.

To be fair, there is some detail that you may find lacking, but the guys are not trying to show you the power button on your computer. If you are in the position of growing your online presence, and need to get some solid ideas about how to create your lists, then Traffic Intelligence is a great product for you. The product is currently priced at a level anyone can afford, even in these dire times, so make the effort to go and learn from an honest source, take a look at the product, and go get Traffic Intelligence.

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